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    Re: Nevada SB150

    Originally posted by StorLyon View Post
    I came back to this thread today thinking "wait, did that really say five 'bidders', not 'attendees' or something?" and sure enough, it's the bad way. While I would applaud any effort on the part of a legislature to shed the slightest glimmer of light on the secret mysteries of "reasonable sale", this kind of unclear provision really just makes it even worse.

    What I see about a problem for the bidder language, if you sell some items on ebay or an art auction site (just examples and might be the most commercially reasonable method of sale for an item), and only 3 or 4 people place bids, irregardless of how much the item sells for, it is not a valid sale even if you had hundreds of view of the item.
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      Re: Nevada SB150

      I am wondering if Vice President Travis Morrow has seen the responses in the Tennessee leglslative change thread as they relate to the elimination of the newspaper advertising requirement. I would welcome his reaction to the points made by Jughead and myself. I feel as though these changes need to be more vigorously debated as we are seeing too many changes with what appears to be hasty thought.

      Any comments Mr. Morrow, AMS, others?
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        Re: Nevada SB150

        I have asked them to take a look at the threads. I am really worried about all the changes. Not just these 2 but all the ones that are being planned out right now. There are quite a few states that want to plan on removing the newspaper ad and the certified letters.

        California isn't to bad with certified's because of the certificate of mailing however I do see it being mis-done. I have no idea why California's newspaper ad does not require the date and time of the sale info.
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          Re: Nevada SB150

          So the amended version of this passed yesterday? or am I mistaken?


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            Re: Nevada SB150

            Has passed Nevada Senate, has not yet passed assembly.


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              Re: Nevada SB150

              Thanks for the update, AW.

              If people want a breakdown of the amendments, check out the ISS update from last week.
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                Re: Nevada SB150

                This bill has become an albatross. They have this so messed up. For the full text

                The additions are in blue on the pdf

                Some of the changes.

                (c) A provision requiring the occupant to:
                9 (1) Disclose to the owner any items of protected property in
                10 the storage space.
                11 (2) If the occupant is subject to mandatory licensing,
                12 registration, permitting or other professional or occupational
                13 regulation by a governmental agency, board or commission and
                14 the protected property to be stored is related to the practice of that
                15 profession or occupation by the occupant, provide written notice to
                16 that agency, board or commission stating that the occupant is
                17 storing protected property at the facility, identifying the general
                18 type of protected property being stored at the facility and providing
                19 complete contact information for the facility. The occupant shall
                20 give the owner a copy of any written notice provided to such an
                21 agency, board or commission.

                42 (b) Enter the storage space and remove the personal property
                43 within it to a safe place.
                44 (c) Dispose of, but may not sell, any protected property
                45 contained in the storage space in accordance with the provisions
                - *SB150_R1*
                1 of subsection 4 if the owner has actual knowledge of such
                2 protected property. If the owner disposes of the protected property
                3 in accordance with the provisions of subsection 4, the owner is not
                4 liable to the occupant or any other person who claims an interest
                5 in the protected property.

                The owner may dispose of
                38 protected property contained in the storage space by taking the
                39 following actions, in the following order of priority, until the
                40 protected property is disposed of:
                41 (a) Contacting the occupant and returning the protected
                42 property to the occupant.
                43 (b) Contacting the secondary contact listed by the occupant in
                44 the rental agreement and returning the protected property to the
                45 secondary contact.

                - *SB150_R1*
                1 (c) Contacting any appropriate state or federal authorities,
                2 including, without limitation, any appropriate governmental
                3 agency, board or commission listed by the occupant in the rental
                4 agreement pursuant to NRS 108.4755, ascertaining whether such
                5 authorities will accept the protected property and, if such
                6 authorities will accept the protected property, ensuring that the
                7 protected property is delivered to such authorities.
                8 (d) Destroying the protected property in an appropriate
                9 manner which is authorized by law and which ensures that any
                10 confidential information contained in the protected property is
                11 completely obliterated and may not be examined or accessed by the
                12 public.

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                  Re: Nevada SB150


                  SB 150 passed in Nevada Assembly


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