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Oklahoma Lien Laws Anybody with experience?

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  • Oklahoma Lien Laws Anybody with experience?

    Oklahoma's Lien Are short and to the point and seem so much different from a lot of what I read here on the forum. As I read it you have to cut the lock and do a rough inventory before you send them the letter as a rough inventory has to be included in the letter. Also if you take in more than they owe you only have to give the renter the excess if they ask for it and they have to ask within 90 days and you don't have to notify them that the contents sold for more than they owe. ( I would return any excess to the renter regardless just hasn't happened yet). Also there doesn't seem to be any specification as to how a sale has to be done. The 2 we've had to do we ran like garage sales and let the renter have whatever was left if they wanted it ( they didn't). Anybody out there from Oklahoma with some experience running a storage and doing lien sales in Oklahoma? The main reason I'm asking we're coming up on our 3rd lien sale and it's big one with lots of tools and equipment and also the 1st we've had where we're in contact with the renters and they're very opposed but can't or won't pay their bill.
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    Oklahoma Lien Laws

    I am President of the Kansas Self Storage Owners Association and we will be covering Oklahoma storage statutes at our upcoming general membership meeting, November 12, in Wichita, as we did last year. Our attorney, Stan Masters, has a lot of storage experience in Kansas and Missouri, and learned the statutes in Oklahoma.

    I am getting ready to post our Fall newsletter on our web site with all of the registration details.

    Feel free to contact me at [email protected].


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