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Bad Tenant Moving from Storage to Storage

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  • Bad Tenant Moving from Storage to Storage

    Just found out that one of my old bad tenants is up to the same tricks at a new storage facility and is about to get booted from there. If you are located in the Tulsa area, then I highly advise you not to rent to Bill Schultz. This man made my life miserable for 9 months. Calling at all hours of the night attempting to get me to let him into the facility when he hadn't paid and we had already discussed his non-payment and non-access, arguing over late fees, wanting every kind of concession he could think of, wrote a check on a closed account, complained about the temperature on his floor CONSTANTLY and wanted rent taken off for days he thought it was too hot, finding out who the owners were and going to THEIR place of business to complain when he couldn't get what he wanted from name it. He's done it. If you do go ahead and rent to him, then lay the law down quickly and NEVER give in to a single demand. Remember the old adage, "Give em an inch and they'll take a mile." Well Bill believes in taking two and then complaining about it.
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    Re: Bad Tenant Moving from Storage to Storage

    There needs to be a bad tenant registry for the self storage industry; like the Las Vegas black-book for cheaters and mobsters.
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      Re: Bad Tenant Moving from Storage to Storage

      There is always a few who will cry if their ice cream is cold or the coffee is hot. It just goes with dealing with people.

      We've found the easiest way to deal with the undesirables, just give them their 30 day termination notice, or raise the rents till they move on.

      When they ask why youíre raising the rent, just tell them itís a connivance fee for after hours calls and or special service your recieving.


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        Re: Bad Tenant Moving from Storage to Storage

        "just tell them it’s a connivance fee"

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          Re: Bad Tenant Moving from Storage to Storage

          Originally posted by Storman
          "just tell them itís a connivance fee"

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            Re: Bad Tenant Moving from Storage to Storage

            I think we have all has a B.S. at one time or another. As soon as he leaves, another one comes in to take his place. Its the Me, Me, Me world we live in.


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