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General Update + Keeping the Oklahoma Sub-Forum Alive

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  • General Update + Keeping the Oklahoma Sub-Forum Alive

    Hi everybody. I've been posting a bit in the general forums, but I wanted to encourage my fellow Okies to keep it going in our Oklahoma sub-forum. I'm glad to share all of my experiences for the benefit of my fellow operators (including competitors down the street, around the corner, etc.).

    Two developments at our shop:
    1) One of our customers was storing a vehicle and he died without a will or any known heirs. Following the Title 42 statutes & process, we now own the vehicle. This is extremely rare, but if you encounter it, I'd be glad to walk you through the process.
    2) After a half-dozen cheap locks were cut 30 months ago we instituted a "strong lock" policy, and now require Chateau C-99X disks. There were 14 holdouts still using cheap locks earlier this month, and four were cut. Now we don't allow any exceptions. Any customer not in compliance on February 1st will be sent a termination letter. If you'd like the names of customers who attract crime, shoot me a PM! Otherwise, I'd recommend hardening your property with a similar policy, and sending the signal to criminals think that the property of our self storage customers isn't simply there for the taking.

    Wishing you a great 2014.

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    Re: General Update + Keeping the Oklahoma Sub-Forum Alive

    Hey Tom

    I have had a few tenants pass away with no will, but with heirs so I know what a pain it is. We also require units be secured with a disc lock and I have yet to do a lock check and find any of those cut, But when I first started at this location I did come in one morning to find 2 of my vacant unit locks cut (little cheap locks) checked the cameras and saw a guy walking all over with his bolt cutters trying to find a unit without a disc lock all he could find was 2 vacant units. The look of disappointment on his face when all he found inside was some dust and maybe a few spiders was priceless.


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