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    We operate self storage facilities as third party mangers in Central and Southeastern Pennsylvania.

    If anyone requires assistance, has any self storage questions or needs specific information about self storage practice in Pennsylvania, let me know we are happy to help out wherever we can.

    Jeff Supnick
    Supnick Real Estate Company

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    Hello, Mr. Supnick. Just wondering if you have some sort of public sale checklist or auction checklist of sorts. I am new to all of this, we are in Harrisburg, PA and I just want to be sure I am doing the right thing. Any help would be appreciated.


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      Hi Jeff, I am new to this space and reside in PA. I am looking to purchase a facility in the near term, just thought I would say hello. Glad there are members like you out there to answer the tough questions I am sure to encounter.


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        Welcome, Jeff!
        Even duct-tape can't fix stupid. But it can muffle the noises.

        WA State


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          For our rate increases, we have taken a REIT approach, rates goes up on a schedule, but can easily be adjusted at a site level based on demand, customer issues, occupancies, etc.

          Our discounts have been very limited already due to almost all unit groups being over 90%, if a discount is...
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