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PA House BIll 1756

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  • PA House BIll 1756

    Hey PA storage owners and managers. Check out House Bill 1756. It is to update the Self Storage Facilities Act for the State. I received info from PASSA on it and looked into it. If you are a memeber of PASSA, you probably did get an email regarding this. I did contact state house members as well as committee members to voice my support. I think a committee vote is slated for next month. Check it out, take the time to contact representatives and support it!

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    AS nice as this sounds, I would much rather see HB76 passed. It would eliminate 100% of SCHOOL Property tax.
    Our school tax is $27,000 per year and another $16,000 to Berks County and local. Welcome to Taxsylvania!
    Imagine the repairs or employees that could be done with this on the books.
    Joe Krezdorn
    DAK Self Storage
    Leesport, PA 19533


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