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How TN Owners are implementing new TN Law

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  • How TN Owners are implementing new TN Law

    TN owners and operators how have you implemented the new law with existing customers?

    How difficult has it been?

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    Re: How TN Owners are implementing new TN Law

    Hey browngill, great topic. I'm sure some of our members active in Tennessee, maybe even with the TNSSA, would love to jump in. I'm moving this over to the Tennessee area to get more specific attention.
    John Carlisle
    Community Manager Emeritus
    Still a Big Fan of Self-Storage!


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      Re: How TN Owners are implementing new TN Law

      Certainly. I am genuinely curious how TN owners are planing on implementing these changes to best suit their facilities.


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        Re: How TN Owners are implementing new TN Law

        Please explain the changes.


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          Re: How TN Owners are implementing new TN Law

          Here is a quick overview of the biggest changes made to our lien laws:
          * Tenants may receive our notifications by email (if provided by the tenant). The email address can be used as 'last known address' for all notices including those for lien sale. Final lien sale notices may also be sent via verified mail instead of certified mail which is much cheaper!
          * Law now allows for a $20 late fee per month
          * The timeline for the sale process has been changed from 90 days to 60 days dilinquent.
          * Abandoned vehicles may now be towed off of the property instead of having to go through the sale process.
          * Legal notices of sale now only have to be published in a newspaper one time.

          The very first thing our facility did was to rewrite our contracts to include all of this great new stuff! I have been busy sending letters to all of our tenants advising them that our lien law has been 'modernized' and outlining the basic changes. The letter states that the law took effect on July 1, 2011 and that our current tenant contracts will fall under this new law effective November 1, 2011. I've just sent out our letters this week because I was waiting on our new contracts. So this gives our current tenants a 30 day notice of changes to their contract and by continuing to rent with us after Nov 1 they are agreeing to the terms of the new contract. Additionally, I am having each tenant that comes into the office sign an updated agreement.

          Hope that all made sense!!! :O)
          Melissa M Roberts, CSSM
          TNSSA Administrative Assistant
          STORAGE DEPOT, Facilities Director
          Dunlap, TN


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