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I love Utah!!

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  • I love Utah!!

    we run 590 units, plus rv area. Anyone else out there from Utah??????

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    I manage and consult for properties all over the Wasatch front. Where are you located?


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      Ogden, Utah.....


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        Leaving for Park City in a few hours, going to spend the 4th with family up there. Wife and I went to school in Utah, son and daughter now go to school in Utah, mother in law lives in Utah, MANY friends have relocated to Utah....

        But I'm still glad to be a native Californian and the best part of visiting Utah is coming home to CA
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          Have a wonderful & safe trip Storman.
          Gina 6k

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            Park City huh?

            I have been there twice, I love the walk up the hill, then back down.
            Have fun and enjoy.................


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              Airport Self Storage.....................

              Hey Ricky................
              I am right across from the Ogden County Airport, thats fun when you got all those planes taking off at all
              So what properties and where are you??????????????


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                Ok. I have seen your property before. I work with a number of properties in Salt Lake, Layton, Utah County, and some in Ogden. I just started working in the Utah market this year. I enjoy it. It is beautiful country with the mountians so close.


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                  airport self storage

                  If it has been awhile since you have seen this place, you should stop by. We have been here three years and have improved the property alot!! Got new grass, put in flowers, cleaned up the lot, cut overgrown trees, cleaner units........
                  it was alot of hard work but so worth the effort especally when out tenents tell us, wow, you guys really improved the place.......
                  puts a smile on my face.


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                    Re: I love Utah!!

                    New of the forum from Utah, Lock It Up Self Storage! Glad to see others here from UT.
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