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  • Vegas 2018 Expo

    I've been a little remiss. I went to the show and didn't say how great it was - and I hate going to trade shows. We went there as vendors to showcase some of our products and spoke to lots of cool people. We gave out more catalogs than usual so I'm going to guess there was record or near record attendance. Not sure if I saw any of you there but if you saw a guy with a pumpkin-sized head, big feet and an All From 1 Supply polo shirt on, that was me.
    Burt Abreu

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  • CuriousNewbie
    Reply to Where to start?
    Steve: I am looking into various land parcels and considering all the options there. The city is growing in several different direction, and is big enough that they certainly don't overlap very much. I was looking at a specific parcel for a while, until I zoomed out and realized there was a facility...
    Yesterday, 05:32 PM
  • Steve_hajewski
    Reply to Exterior Design Ideas - Single Level Facility
    Take a look at recently constructed retail space and medical offices in your area for inspiration. Those buildings will often have some great ideas with high end appeal.

    Of the sites I have seen recently that really pop, I think some of the items that are in common are taller horizontal...
    Yesterday, 04:39 PM
  • pacnwstorage
    Reply to Curiosity
    At last facility I had indoor units with a camera in the hallway. I had a lady tenant that had a unit under the camera and I could see her great. She would lock her unit to go and walk the distance of the hallway and even get the door at the end open to leave and would then walk back to unit to check...
    Yesterday, 02:12 PM