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  • Vegas 2018 Expo

    I've been a little remiss. I went to the show and didn't say how great it was - and I hate going to trade shows. We went there as vendors to showcase some of our products and spoke to lots of cool people. We gave out more catalogs than usual so I'm going to guess there was record or near record attendance. Not sure if I saw any of you there but if you saw a guy with a pumpkin-sized head, big feet and an All From 1 Supply polo shirt on, that was me.
    Burt Abreu

    All From 1 Supply
    Building & Maintenance
    Products for Self Storage

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  • AFSManD
    Reply to Anyone use a Call Center? I need feedback. Looking for one.
    We use XPS. They're decent. Just make sure you give them all the correct information about your property. We've had to have some "talks" with them now and then. They recently told a tenant they were going to be receiving a refund for moving out halfway through the month, when we absolutely...
    Today, 10:09 AM
  • DairyGirl
    Reply to Buzzer entry system... Customer's Don't get it.
    Like Pac, I have also disable my intercom. I have spent too many evenings and weekends hearing that stupid thing get pressed repeatedly by someone who is locked out but NEEDS to get to their unit. Nope, done with that. Signs don't help, either. I have a large sign placed directly UNDER the keypad at...
    Today, 09:56 AM
  • lady5563
    Reply to Stop bothering me
    They are the same tenant that waits until the LAST DAY OF THE MONTH to pay and they call at 4;30 pm to pay.
    I close at 5 pm.
    This particular tenant stores in my 2nd location that I run by appointment only.
    When it becomes the last day of the month (or the last Friday of the month)...
    Today, 09:50 AM