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    ISS has published a gallery focused on self-storage offices. Check out these interesting spaces at big and small sites across the globe.
    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage
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    They remodeled one of my offices and are about to remodel the second one. I'll send before and afters because the new is gonna be soooo much better!
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      We are about to remodel our office. Trying to figure out our sales/reception counter. Right now, everything is bar counter height which works well for us dealing with customers, but we struggle to keep things neat since the customers can see our desk I see a lot of these offices have a mix of regular desk height for employees with a counter type height for customers. My question is how easy is it to work the computer/deal with a customer? You are either standing when dealing with the customer and have to bend down to do something on the computer or sitting down and the customer is sort of looming over you - not something I relish in certain situations.


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        Wow some really nice spaces!
        Burt Abreu

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