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  • Welcome to Self-Storage Talk!

    Welcome to Self-Storage Talk!

    The purpose of the Self-Storage Talk forum website is to provide a lively, interactive meeting and learning place for people in the self-storage industry. We're glad you're here!

    This is a moderated website. When necessary, our moderators will edit or delete posts in an effort to keep the site free of "flame wars," insults, crude language, advertising and off-topic replies. Please be courteous and supportive in your posts, and feel free to seek help without fear of undue criticism.

    Please read through the following rules and instructions as guidelines for your visit:

    1. Who is welcome here?

    Anyone in the self-storage industry―managers, operators, owners, investors, developers and suppliers―and other well-mannered, knowledgeable folk who have something of value to contribute. THIS SITE IS NOT FOR USE BY SELF-STORAGE CONSUMERS (see no. 2).

    Feel free to ask any question or post any comment relating to self-storage, but be polite and respectful in your dealings with others. Do not criticize others inquiries or answers. We wish to create a welcoming environment for all industry professionals. Any post that violates this rule will be edited or deleted.

    Anyone who posts defamatory, insulting or otherwise disrespectful comments toward others in the forum will find their posts deleted, and may find their posting privileges suspended or revoked. Any member who becomes belligerent, posts snide comments or requires too much attention of the moderators will also lose their posting privileges.

    2. A note to self-storage consumers.

    While we're glad you found our forum site and wish to participate in this wonderful online community, this is not the place for you. Please do not use this forum to vent a grief with a self-storage operator or to ask questions about unit sizes and prices. Posts of this type will be deleted.

    3. Issues of privacy.

    This is a public forum. While some designated sections are viewable only to registered members, most pages are accessible to the general public. Anything you post here is searchable online. Choose your username wisely! If you require anonymity, don't create a username that includes your personal or business name or location. See rule No. 9 below in regard to adding your name and e-mail to your profile signature.

    Please also read the site's Terms of Use, which explain how content posted to the community may be used by Inside Self-Storage.

    4. Advertising of websites, products or services.

    The advertising of outside websites, products and services is not permitted within the Self-Storage Talk forums, so don't do it. Any posts that are promotional in nature will be edited or deleted! Offenders will be warned and, if necessary, removed from the site.

    Though determining if a post is promotional is somewhat subjective and open to interpretation, moderators will determine posts as promotional if they meet any of the following criteria:

    a. Contains a call to action. Examples: "Call me at ...," "E-mail me at ...," "Come get a quote at ...," "Download the resource at...". This language is similar to ad copy and is not appropriate for the forum. However, if you are sharing information about a free online resource, such as a webinar, a better wording is, "A free resource is available at ...". If a poster/responder expresses interest in your product or service, you may direct the poster to contact information in your signature or user profile, but you cannot post an explicit call to action. The best follow-up method is to communicate with the poster via private message or visitor message because it will allow to you to continue your discussion outside of the public board.

    b. Contains superlatives about products or services. Examples: "Our product is the best ...," "My company has the most experience in the field ...," "We offer the best value." These phrases are promotional and will cause your post to be edited or deleted.

    c. Negative commentary on competitors' products or services.

    d. Pretending to be a satisfied customer. If you create account names for the sole purpose of posting fake testimonials, you are subject to sanctions up to and including removal from the site.

    In general, the purpose for every post should be informational first and foremost. If you would like to purchase designated advertising space on this website, please contact Debbie Pirkey at [email protected]. Any questions or needed clarifications on this rule can be directed to Community Manager Amy Campbell at [email protected]

    5. Posting is a privilege.

    Please note: You are a guest on a privately owned site. Posting here is a privilege that we hope you will enjoy and respect. The moderators can and will remove the posting privileges of any person who does not adhere to the stated rules or who, in the opinion of the moderators, is a detriment to the community.

    6. No swearing, obscenity or other crude language.

    This is a public website, so please use decorum when constructing your posts. While it is perfectly acceptable to be sociable and informal while interacting with members, swearing or other obscenity will cause your post to be deleted.

    7. No flaming!

    Wikipedia defines flaming as a "hostile and insulting interaction between persons over the Internet." We want Self-Storage Talk to be a pleasant place for self-storage professionals to connect. Please avoid contentious, non-industry topics that can lead to volatile interactions such as politics, race, religion, sexual orientation and personal finances.

    8. Don't fight with the moderators!

    This is a busy site, and it's a big job to keep it running smoothly. Our moderators have graciously volunteered their time, energy and attention to help keep this site free of unwanted material and cantankerous participants. If your post or thread is edited or deleted for any reason, you must accept it. We do not owe you an explanation or notification. If you receive an e-mail from a moderator requesting a change in your posting behavior, please cooperate. If you argue or become unpleasant in any way, you will lose your posting privileges.

    9. Register only once!

    As the Self-Storage Talk forum continues to grow, it's essential that each member registes only once and has only one registration name. Any member who attempts to register more than once, under new registration names, will be banned from the site. If you encounter a technical difficulty with your original registration, please contact our site administrator for assistance before proceeding with a new registration.

    10. Use caution when posting e-mail addresses or other contact information.

    We do not encourage users to post their e-mail addresses or other contact information in signatures or in body texts of posts. Automatic programs called "bots" will comb through our posts, gathering those addresses for spammers. Bots can overload our server, making it unavailable to legitimate users. Additionally, your address might end up in the hands of spammers. If you insist on including an e-mail address, we suggest using a non-clickable format such as this: "storageperson at storagecompany dot com." The best place for contact info is your user profile.

    11. Use caution when giving or receiving legal suggestions.

    Through lien auctions, rental agreements and other situations, the self-storage industry lends itself to perpetual legal questions and quandaries, which is why we have a section of this site dedicated to those types of questions. Getting feedback from industry peers is often reassuring when dealing with sensitive legal matters. However, when posting on legal topics, it's important to remember a couple of things:

    a.) Self-storage statutes vary from state to state and from country to country. Please clearly identify your state of reference if you are seeking or providing help.

    b.) Few members of this community are self-storage legal experts who are licensed to practice law. Whatever your scope of knowledge, do not demean others on the forum with attacking or deriding language (see Rule No. 1).

    If you receive legal tips from a forum post, understand that it is not official legal counsel, regardless of the poster's legal background. Self-Storage Talk and its parent company, Informa Exhibitions, assume no responsibility for decisions made as a result of legal tips posted on the forum. Please use common sense and know that your best source of information in these instances is your attorney.

    12. Do not "double post" or "bump."

    Choose the appropriate forum category for your post and put it in that category only. Do not post the same question or comment in more than one forum topic! Our moderators will delete the duplicate posts. Also, if your post has not received any new replies, it will slide down the list. That's just how it is. Do not post a reply yourself just to bump the thread up the list. If the moderators see you doing this, your thread may be deleted, and you may lose your posting privileges.

    13. Use summaries and sources when sharing outside resources.

    From time to time, you may wish to share an outside resource with the forum community, such as a newspaper article or blog that pertains to the self-storage industry. Please do not copy/paste the original copy into the forum. Post a summary of the item with a link to the original, and be sure to cite your source.

    14. Help us spread the word!

    The more people who use this forum website, the more useful, enriching and entertaining it will be! So please share the link with your industry comrades. If you can link to this site from a website of your own, please do so. Here is some convenient HTML code for your use:

    <a href="" target="_blank" >
    <img src="" border="0"></a>

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    Teri L. Lanza
    Editorial Director
    Inside Self-Storage

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