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  • Randy, I'm curious as to why you don't think geothermal would be cost effective on a new build. In my experience, nearly everything is more cost effective when putting in the ground at initial construction. There aren't any parking lots to tear up, no retrofits, things can be correctly sized, etc....
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  • I am also in the process of checking into climate controlled buildings, but a little behind you. What climate do you live in? Are you going with roof mount heat pumps? If you're in a dry climate swamp coolers may do better. In the south an underground geothermal system will save you money in the...
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  • StorageBuddy
    replied to Maintenance Woes
    I can appreciate your lighting woes, and have a short story for you. About 30 years ago I managed a large rental housing property. We had 5 incandescent lights per building (times 30 buildings was 150 bulbs) with a PV solar eye so they turned off during daylight hours. Often the solar eyes malfunctioned....
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