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  • jmather
    started a topic Ohio Foreclosure checklist...?

    Ohio Foreclosure checklist...?

    Our storage facility has only been open a little over a year. We have our first unit that is looking like it's headed to auction. I know there's got to be a checklist (OHIO) that I can use to make sure we are covering all our legal bases. Is anybody able to help?
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  • NCstorageguru
    started a topic North Carolina Notice of Sale

    North Carolina Notice of Sale

    Anyone officially know if the NC Notice of Sale has to include the actual SB4482 a-d wording or can it just include the words -"see SB448 2 a-d in North CarolinaLien LawChapter 44A, Statutory Liens and Charges ?
    Thank you for info!
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  • FBurger
    started a topic Weirdest Auction

    Weirdest Auction

    We had a Storage Treasures auction on a 5X5 unit near Christmas time. The unit contained only boxes and sold for an unbelievable $450.

    The buyer was from over a hundred miles away.When he cleaned out the unit, he not only brought me the pictures but also some items he suspected were family...
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  • Lien Status unit filled w/ Tobacco & Marijuana products

    What we have right now is a unit which is over 60 days past due and as going forward with the cut lock/auction procedure, we find a commercial order amount of packaged tobacco (chew, cigarettes) and even some marijuana edibles. The tenant used to own a small smoke-shop (which is currently closed down)...
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  • Winnie_16
    started a topic NC Auction Laws- I have no lease!

    NC Auction Laws- I have no lease!

    Hello all!

    So I am starting the process for an auction that I've scheduled for July 25th. I have a tenant who is WAY past due (he was like that before I started working here) and when getting the documents together, I realized that we do not have a signed lease here. Apparently he was a...
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  • cstacatto
    started a topic Online Auctions

    Online Auctions

    Good Morning Gang!!

    I was wondering how many of you use online auctions for your sales?? If you do, which service do you use?? We currently use Storagetreasures, and its ok, but leaves a bit to be desired.

    Let me know pros and cons of each!!
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  • selfstoragequeen
    started a topic Need Advice for Post-Lien Units

    Need Advice for Post-Lien Units

    Hi Everyone,
    I have a question, that is very generic, but was unable to find the answer for.
    We currently have a few units that were unsuccessful during lien sale. By unsuccessful, I mean that there were no bidders. Some of these units we tried several liens, including on site, as well...
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  • Dan123
    started a topic Tenant Wants to Auction Unit

    Tenant Wants to Auction Unit

    We are having an auction this week and one of our regular tenants would like to add his unit to the auction. He will give us a percentage of the final amount that the unit sells for. We are wondering how to go about this legally. What kind of forms should we draft and have him sign beforehand? Does...
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  • Krismarie
    started a topic Had an auction last week

    Had an auction last week

    and it went really well! Had 6 units, including one where the tenant hadn't paid in over a year. He had a 10x10 and in the past was a good payer so I had high hopes that he'd pay it off and keep his stuff. Every time he'd come up for auction he'd swear. "I pay, I pay. Promise, Kris!." and...
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  • SBAstorage
    started a topic Auctioning unit on facebook...

    Auctioning unit on facebook...

    I have a unit I would like to auction off, it is full with household items... has anyone ever tried auctioning a unit on facebook?
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  • Do you take video of Auctioned units?

    There was an article on AOL today about a man whose unit was mistakenly sold at auction. One thing that was said bears discussion
    here. The reporter said that most auction places take pictures or video of the units they auction to have a record of what was in the
    unit. Do you do that...
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    started a topic Alcohol in Auction unit.

    Alcohol in Auction unit.

    Hey yall,

    I have a unit scheduled to be auctioned in a couple weeks. Upon lock removal I noticed some alcohol in the unit. As I understand, I cannot sell this with the rest of the unit. I will be removing it when we open the locker @ auction time, but what do I do with it?...
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  • Caitlin
    started a topic Collection Agency needed

    Collection Agency needed

    Has anyone had any success with a collection agency to collect on balances owed by tenants who either owe a balance after an auction or moved out with a balance on their account?

    I know Public Storage uses one (we rented a unit to see how they operate, and yes they will send a customer...
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  • Storage West Idaho
    started a topic How many units to auction?

    How many units to auction?

    We're cleaning out the place after purchasing this past year. We tentatively have a large
    number of units to auction off, depending on how many pay their bills before the auction.
    My question is, how many units do you auction off at any one auction? I can see that if you
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  • Storage West Idaho
    started a topic Collection issues

    Collection issues

    In Idaho the state statutes talk about enforcement of the lien. Rules for selling the goods in the units, whether by auction or other mechanism. But I believe we still have the right to deal with accounts receivable just like any other business would, by turning them over to a collection agency. ...
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