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  • SpaceCadet
    started a topic Background Checks For Online Rentals?

    Background Checks For Online Rentals?

    So I had a thought bouncing around in my head this morning as our site began taking online rentals. I've had two now, back-to-back, that reserve/book a unit only to learn that they are seriously bad people. Gun charges, aggravated assault, and several other charges that might make some people upset...
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  • Updating Tenant Information AFTER renting due to Human Errors

    • Tenant comes in to rent, fills out paperwork.
    • Property Manager enters information into computer.

    • Verifying physical paperwork with information in system and 'Stacy McLady' is entered as 'Stacy MacLady'
    • Property Manager entered in name incorrectly.
    • How
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  • jmather
    started a topic Ohio Foreclosure checklist...?

    Ohio Foreclosure checklist...?

    Our storage facility has only been open a little over a year. We have our first unit that is looking like it's headed to auction. I know there's got to be a checklist (OHIO) that I can use to make sure we are covering all our legal bases. Is anybody able to help?
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  • Power of The Title : Site Manager Vs Property Manager or Other?

    While trying to organize and centralize things I have come across a sort of conundrum.

    What do we call the Site Managers / Property Managers?

    Basically, which title should be used, Both are great descriptors as they manage the storage facility, therefore, the property but...
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  • The Certified Self Storage Manager (CSSM) Certification

    Hey everyone! It's been a while

    I am doing research for the company on The Certified Self Storage Manager Certification, and was wondering if anyone here has done it. Compared to how many professionals we have in our industry, it baffles me that so few take advantage of the certification....
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  • What tips and tricks did you learn this 2018? Care to Share?

    Be it an Industry Expert or a Newbie to the community like me, I believe each day is a learning curve to something new!

    New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and I got curious to know what other's might have learned this whole year? We might have faced new situations that we overcame...
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  • Alen2611
    started a topic Merry Christmas !!!!!!

    Merry Christmas !!!!!!

    “My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others.” After all the worlds in NEED of Just LOVE these days.

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  • Do you followup with tenants after they've moved out?

    We live in a Digital World today where our business is majorly valued over the reviews found online, Having said that Do most storage operators followup with moved-out tenants a week or 3days later to gather reviews? Or simply drop an email stating "Thanks for choosing #*#*# Storage for your Needs"...
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  • Overdue Notifications - Postal Mail vs Email vs Text Messages vs A Call

    Postal Mail
    Text Messages
    Direct Call
    I've always wondered on which of these modes of contact actually get a BETTER RESPONSE?

    Hope your responses could help understand many on how they should remind Overdue tenants on their payments - Thanks in advance all!

    Also, Personally I'd like to know if emails really do...
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  • What's the best way to learn to use new software?

    Help Section : Step by Step tutorials with Images
    Youtube Videos
    Notes and tool-tips within the software itself
    Guided walk-through : Live Demo
    Chat with a Live Support Agent
    Self-Explorer : Learn as you Go
    There's always a "Learning Curve" involved with any software we choose to use anew or migrate to, As a storage operator/owner/manager what would be the easiest way to help you understand the software better? How do you like to learn things?
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  • Skip Credit Card Transaction Charges - The Wants vs Reality

    There's a number of Payment Processors in the market today and each of them are quite unique to themselves when it comes to their transaction charges/swipe rates. I hear a lot of requests from storage operators - mostly small and medium, if there are ways you could imply that charge to the tenant themselves...
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  • Documentation for Outgoing Resident Managers?

    Hi everyone!

    New facility owner as of this week and first time poster!

    Need some advice on how to structure an agreement/paperwork for the managers that will be moving out. Without delving into what is a series of very long stories, the former owner was completely hands off...
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  • Searching for Employee Scheduling App

    Looking for iPhone/Android app which will help schedule time and show when managers will be taking time off, maybe Google calendars? More explanation below.

    We're currently managing 2 locations and have 4 employees. Our smaller location is open M-F and has a designated manager who is always...
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  • KeithMon
    started a topic How do you track leads? What do you track?

    How do you track leads? What do you track?

    I think we all agree that callbacks are a big deal. They help capture more business and it's good customer service. I'm trying to discover some best practices and maybe some helpful tools. This is a two-part question:

    1. How do you track calls, walk-ins, emails, etc? Specifically, do...
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  • selfstorage
    started a topic How to control operating expenses

    How to control operating expenses

    I am working on a session dealing fir the upcoming ISS Expo dealing with cutting expenses in operations, and I would love to get some fresh ideas that I can share with attendees. OF COURSE you will credit for the ideas!!!!!!!!!
    Sometimes it is hard to gain control over areas that we think are...
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