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  • hardrock
    started a topic Pre-Fabricated Storage Units

    Pre-Fabricated Storage Units

    I'm weighing the costs on a new property right now. Have any of you had good experiences using pre-fab storage units instead of hiring a contractor to build them from the ground up? The site is a smaller space with enough area for around 30 outdoor units. Appreciate any input!
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  • Gina6k
    started a topic If only I had known this sooner...

    If only I had known this sooner...

    What is the one piece of advice, operational procedure, employee motivation topics or any other ideas you have to share with an industry newbie, a former employer or a coworker?
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  • Meauxhala
    started a topic Once upon a website . . .

    Once upon a website . . .

    Greetings Y'all!

    I'm new here and wanted to just take a second to say 'Hey'. I've been working in the self storage industry since May ( yes, this May 2018 ) ; so I am pretty brand new to all things Self-Storage related. Luckily for me I don't have to deal directly with tenants or make
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  • Today's Technology and the Leap of Faith to change from outdated methods

    It's working Fine NOW, Why the Change?
    Afraid to adapt to Technology
    Doubtful on the time to be invested in the "Learning Curve" to understand the tool
    Don't trust the web with secure tenants data
    Hello Everyone, I'm a firm believer that not one size fits all, I believe that in the storage world all of us have a unique way of handling operations at our facility. However, I'm quite curious to know that in spite of having many advanced options that could save time and make the work of Storage Operators/managers...
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  • Need advice on approved Self storage conversion in a primary/secondary market

    I am looking at a warehouse facility which was approved for 3 levels of self storage conversion with 40-45K rentable space. Here’s the rundown.
    It's a 3 level warehouse space with half below grade ground level, 1st level and 2nd level. Structure looks to be strong.

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  • CA Late Fee - What Day Does Your Late Fee Hit?


    Our team attended the Lien Law class on 2/27 given by Carlos K. What we found to be interesting is that he said that the late fee should be applied on the 11th after 5 PM or better yet on the 12th day. Our facilities (4) are 1st of the month & our late fee is scheduled to hit
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  • Outdoor334
    started a topic Opinion of Land for Self Storage

    Opinion of Land for Self Storage

    Hi experts. My names is Parks and I am attempting to purchase some land to build a self storage facility (SSF). I'm trying to gather several lots and combine enough land to justify a SSF project. Seems I read SSF's typically are profitable at around 60000sf (at least to justify the effort I'm assuming)....
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  • Referral Systems, partnerships, waiting lists???

    hey ya'll! We are looking to partner with several other companies to pass referrals on to each other (ex. moving companies, real estate agents, etc.) just looking for some advice and what you have learned from partnering with other facilities or partners. Do you pass people on to other storage facilities...
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  • seanESM5980
    started a topic Louisiana Self Storage Association

    Louisiana Self Storage Association

    My name is Sean Landry, the current president of the Louisiana Self Storage Association. If anyone has any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out! We are here to help you make the most of your self-storage experience.

    Visit our website to stay updated about current self-storage...
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  • Tailgating/piggybacking, and how to prevent it

    I recently had an on site theft of an entire trailer. The thieves tailgated in after someone exited, and then tailgated out after someone else exited as well. So without a gate code, I can't tell if the thieves were tenants or not. Tailgating is something I think every facility deals with, and I'm trying...
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  • Missing PhoneSmart -- suggestions for replacement answering service?

    From what I understand Phone Smart went out of business or was bought by another company. The bottom line is that they are no longer answering our missed or after-hours calls. The company that took over I believe is called Insomniac.

    I'm asking this question as a facility manager....
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  • Tall Terri
    started a topic 5 Mile Competition Circle

    5 Mile Competition Circle

    I am finding that the "Five Mile Competition Circle" is getting smaller and smaller due to the fact that the housing in my area is exploding. My present location is within one mile of two other self storage facilities. I'm thinking the Five Mile Circle is getting closer to three.
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  • Lindsay.Grace
    started a topic Geeks Unite: What do you think?

    Geeks Unite: What do you think?

    Is it rare that people will rent out a self-storage unit just to protect their comic book and action figure collection? Here are some things to think about.
    • Though some may want to show off their stacks of comic books and Avengers collection, they are gathering dust that could affect the overall
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  • Lindsay.Grace
    started a topic Double newbie! :)

    Double newbie! :)

    Hey guys,

    The name is Lindsay. I am currectly an editorial intern working for ISS with a company called Informa Exibitions and I am located in Phoenix, Arizona. So, being a new intern with a new company researching information on the self storage industry can be overly exciting! I guess...
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  • AmericanSelfStorage
    started a topic Event Marketing for Your Self Storage

    Event Marketing for Your Self Storage

    I was searching the web for some ideas on how to utilize events as a marketing tactic for self-storage and came across some great reasons and tips.

    Four Reasons to Use Event Marketing

    1. Brand Awareness
    Hosting an event is a great way to get your name out there...
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